The Embarkation

Here We Go

Well, here we stand. After too little time to pack, far too few moments to say goodbye to friends, a few too many farewell shots, and the exact right amount of luggage (here’s to wishful thinking), the moment is upon us to bid adieu to familiarity and dive into the unknown.

Why all this “we” stuff?!

Someone once said only two types of people could use “we” when referring to themselves: Royalty (which I’m not) and people with parasites (which I don’t… yet). However, I’m taking this journey in many ways because I want to explore cultures and peoples and learn what makes them who they are, and thus, I want you to take it with me, however vicariously (or in-person, should you choose to join me at some locale) that might be.

What’s coming up next?

For those of you who don’t know, I’m spending 2017 traveling to twelve cities (ten countries) with ~80 other remote professionals, i.e. anyone who can do their job remotely, away from the home office, and now even away from their home country.

The program is called RemoteYear and a new cohort launches nearly every month. If you’re even remotely (pun halfway intended) interested, I highly recommend checking them out. They’ve done a phenomenal job of putting together a great program and combining it with amazing people.

If you’re curious, Feel free to contact me (either directly if you have that info, or via the comments below and I’ll follow up) with any questions or if you just want to know more about how it works

I’ll be starting my year with New Year’s Eve in Mexico City, and from there will explore one city per month for the rest of the year.

Following along?

If by now you’re interested in at least following along on my wanderings, I’ll be posting at least once a month here, probably more after larger trips/events (hello Machu Picchu). You can either subscribe to this blog or follow me on twitter or facebook and I’ll post the link everytime I write something new.

Until next time

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